Relentless - Enthusiastic - Engaged

Our Core Values

Integrity - We conduct ourselves in an ethical and moral manner at all times and expect all of our team members and stakeholders to do the same.This value must be present for any of the others to exist.

Respect - We expect and commit to mutual respect between and among all team members, as well as our clients and partners.Respectful interaction between human beings is a prerequisite to positive outcomes.

Caring - We care about our employees. Before making decisions, we first ask, "Does this support our team members?" The answer must be YES so that in turn, they will put students and clients first.Positive outcomes for others begins with the flourishing and well-being of our own team members.

cooperation - We believe a team-based approach is the optimal method of delivering effective, efficient and high quality services, while concurrently enabling fun, fulfillment and personal enjoyment.For us, team is the very definition of our first four values . . . in action.

service - We are here first and foremost to serve the learning needs of our students. We believe ALL students deserve the highest quality educational opportunities possible, no matter their life's circumstances. Quality educational choices for students and parents are paramount.This value acknowledges to all that which gives meaning to our purpose.

Our Purpose

  • Relentlessly focused

    To create and sustain high quality, innovative and engaging educational opportunities for students.

  • Values-driven

    We pursue our purpose through ethical, respectful and caring actions driven by cooperation and service to others.

Our Mindset

Vision: Worthy of constant effort We envision a time when all children, youth and families everywhere - across the world - have an infinite range of educational learning opportunities and options from which to choose, no matter their economic or other life circumstances.

Mission: broad and collaborative Team edtec enthusiastically and relentlessly dedicates its efforts and energy to supporting individuals and organizations engaged in creating and sustaining high-quality educational options for children, youth and adults of the community.

strategy: seek first to understand We adapt and customize our services and products to each organization's individual needs by first understanding its mission and vision, and then we support those mission-critical processes that are essential to successful goal attainment. Each client's needs drive our approach in the selection, design, and delivery of all services, uniquely setting us apart from the competition.

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Team edtec views the “central office” in a unique manner. For us, it is not a central administrative location, but instead, a Center of Support. Our schools and clients can depend upon the support team to do just that: directly support their needs that arise on a day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year basis.

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